Saturday, December 9, 2017

PlaySix Festival 2017

 Founded in 2006, the annual PlaySix Short Play Festival provides quality exposure to first-rate Victorian playwrights (both emerging and established), as well as a networking forum for Melbourne actors and directors. Many works originally produced in PlaySix have gone on to great success at other local and international festivals and events. 2017 is our twelfth season and we look forward to an exciting new relationship with Gasworks at the Studio Theatre.

Bracket One
Hostage by Cerise de Gelder
dir: Bruce Langdon
One Night by Jane Flanagan
dir: Chris Boek
Falling Awake by Adrian Valenta
dir: Brett Turner

Bracket Two
Workplace Behaviour by Alan Cocks by Adam May
dir: Carl Whiteside
Half of Me by Kerry Drumm
dir: Alicia Benn-Lawler
Bounced by Hayley Lawson-Smith
dir: Bridgette Burton

Workplace Behaviour

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Second last theatre show for the year at La Mama this week.


“Something shifted in the world when she was gone. The dark eeriness of an eclipse fell, with no breeze or birdsong. If I could find my voice then I would wail.”
Centred on the experience of a young woman seeking to discover the truth behind her mother’s death, Crossroads will harness the evocative power of ancient myth to speak to the contemporary climate. Crossroads weaves together dance, design, music and words to form a richly layered performance language, creating a visceral experience of one person’s passionate response to injustice.
Crossroads is director Anna Molnar’s Melbourne theatre debut as she completes the Master of Directing for Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). For Pierced Ears and Other Disasters directed by Anna Molnar: …a touching theatrical experience, joyous to the point of tears

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Still Thinking Of You

I had the pleasure of performing 'Still Thinking of You' by Melissa Collins a few weeks ago which was part of Love Kills for Melb Fringe. I love the way a work of art takes on its own life from creator to actor to audience.... I was lucky to have had Melissa fly down from Brisbane to see what life her work had taken on under my care. Have a read of her blog, it is a lovely incite from a writer turned audience member.

"Wherever words come from within me met in the same place that acting a character to life came from within Stephanie.  Stephanie brought a life and joy to my words that both thrilled and gobsmacked me at the same time.  Without ever saying a word to one another, she completely understood my character and played her perfectly. Writing words in isolation is one thing.  You never really know how they travel from a page to someone else’s mind.  Seeing my words interpreted by someone else right there in front of me feels just like going higher, higher, highest on the swings when you’re 5."


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kyoto Art Centre Traditional Theatre Training

I am currently in Kyoto training at the KAC in their Traditional Theatre training program for three weeks. Last year I participated in the Noh course, training with three masters of the Kansai school. This year I am doing Nihonbouyo. On August 8 there will be a recitle at the majestic Oe Noh theatre. Follow the link below for details:

Sunday, August 28, 2016